High Land Cattle


Shortly, after beginning our farm venture into cut flowers and vegetables, we quickly realized we were missing a vital component to completion of our farm system. A local fold of Scottish Highlands were looking for a new home, so we began researching & learning everything we could about this unique looking breed. High in protein and heritage bred, made the decision easy. This hardy, tame and strong breed wasted no time clearing the overgrowth, cleaning up their pasture and making themselves right at home. We couldn’t imagine Farm & Flora without them!


Our promise is to ensure that each and every one of our Highlands is humanely raised with care and compassion. We believe that this in turn provides the best end product for our consumers. Simply put, our fold is grass fed & finished, raised on pasture, given absolutely no hormones or antibiotics and brought to market stress free.


This was an easy choice. Highland cattle are well known as foragers, often used to clear over grown pastures and clean wooded lots. Our fold benefits from open pasture and fresh hay year round. Grass fed and finished cattle also offer many health benefits from higher omega-3’s, higher micro nutrients and anti-oxidants.


Highland beef is both healthy and nutritious. Their meat is lean, well marbled and offers a distinctive flavor. Their long, heavy coats serve a two fold purpose; reducing the need for excess back fat and providing warmth in colder climates. Their beef typically grades out as premium and offers lower cholesterol levels and higher protein values.

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Highland cattle are one of the oldest breeds in the world, originating from Scotland as far back as the 6th century. The extremely harsh conditions of the rugged, remote Scottish Highlands created a process of natural selection, where only the fittest and most adaptable animals survived to carry on the breed.

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Farm & Flora is a family farm centered around small agriculture and big sustainability. We specialize in growing heirloom flowers and vegetables using organic practices, while raising grass fed Scottish Highland cattle on our tiny plot in Northern Illinois.

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